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Review for FCE. "School Drama Club"

The drama club at your school put on a stage musical last Saturday. Now you have been asked to write a review for the school magazine, including information about the quality of the performances, the costumes and the people in the audience, and saying whether you think the drama club should take this musical to other schools.

I really enjoyed the stage Musical which the Drama club put on last Saturday at the School. Its title was "Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar" and tells the story of two young men who went to Madrid to have their own music band.

The plot is gripping right from the start. To me, it seemed so realistic that I was involved with the main characters. Some songs were so amazingly performed that the audience was often maned to tears.

What I really loved about the musical was the costumes. There is so much work behind them although people who I talked to at the end did not appreciate it too much.

The only criticism I would make is that people in the audience were not quiet enough and this could explain the lack of attention of the actors at certain moments. Despite of that, I think it is a really good job and the club should show this musical in different theatres in the city.

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